3 thoughts on “Here’s a fun interview from King 5’s New Day Northwest hosted by Margaret Larson

  1. I have to agree with the writer of this book, I loved Lake Chelan and went there every year from 6 year until I moved in with my father at age14 the memories of going to the lake as a kid has been one of the best times in my life, working at chelan boat rentals and Cambels the off to the apple sheds, life there was so laid back. Love the lake and will consider it my second home.

  2. Thanks for the wonderful read on my precious Lake Chelan. It was outstanding to learn the history of the lake. Our cabin is on the south shore near the cove. I stare at your mountain view homes from my dock/boathouse. (in fact, my step sister’s family is staying in them this August) Your book was a fantastic read. I have many of the same memories associated with Chelan. Almost dying in the lake, the bats, hiking, and Stehekan. Lots of LOL moments. It was truly a fun book. I am sad that it is over. I can’t wait to see your next book that features our Lake in it again. Thanks again for putting down on paper what I have always known, that Lake Chelan IS the greatest lake in the world!

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