Meet the Author

Like many people from the Pacific Northwest, John Fahey fell in love with Lake Chelan at an early age. He has spent hundreds of hours exploring the mountains, streams, rivers and valleys of the Chelan Basin. It is from these adventures that he came up with the notion that Lake Chelan might be the greatest lake in the world. In a moment of questionable sanity, he set out to prove it.

What started as a lark became a fascinating journey. His travels led through swamps, up mountains, deep into canyons, over deserts, and across four continents. He came face to face with bears, fought off a nasty Mexican water-borne illness, and confronted one of the most horrific trials that any man could ever be forced to endure (hint: it involved leeches). The result is his new book, affectionately titled, Lake Chelan, The Greatest Lake in the World.

He is currently working on his next book in which Lake Chelan also features prominently. He divides his time between Lake Chelan, where he and his wife own and operate a vacation rental business, and Lake Union in Seattle, where he works in the financial industry managing a bond portfolio.

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The book is available at Riverwalk Books in downtown Chelan.   If you can’t make it to Chelan, you can order the book now at  Gray Dog Press is a regional publisher with a focus on Northwest authors and Northwest themes.  Purchasing through them helps support your vibrant local literary community.  The book is also available at in paper back or electronic format: