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This is the story of a journey around the world that was inspired by a lake. Not just any lake: Lake Chelan, possibly the greatest lake in the world.

John Fahey’s endearing, hilarious and sometimes hair-raising look at Lake Chelan encapsulates America’s passion and nostalgia for summers spent at a favorite, sunny, clear, blue lake.

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Book coverNo one ever puts a sign up next to their door that says “Welcome to the suburbs,” or “Welcome to the cul-de-sac.” The sign “Welcome to the Lake,” however is almost motif de rigueur in lake houses. This speaks to me now, as it did when I was a kid. It’s a subtle statement that says; you’re here now, by a lake, and things are different. It means you can slough off the stress of the working man’s world, relax, take a breath and enjoy yourself. It means you’re on lake time now, and lake time is fun time. Read more …

Meet the Author

Author John FaheyLike many people from the Pacific Northwest, John Fahey fell in love with Lake Chelan from an early age. He has spent hundreds of hours exploring the mountains, streams, rivers and valleys of the Chelan Basin. It is from these adventures that he came up with the notion that Lake Chelan might be the greatest lake in the world.  In a moment of questionable sanity, he set out to prove it.
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Lake Monster graphicWe had lots of fun with our lake monster contest.  To learn the winning name, click here. Also, We have been thrilled with the level of excitement surrounding this book. Click through and check out these interviews, articles, and all the latest news as people read the book, and share their own stories as well!